Cyber Security Risk Management

At John Morgan Partnership we recognise that finding the right insurance is only one piece of the puzzle. In order to be really confident in your resilience as a business there are a number of avenues to explore to suit your requirements and your budget.
By taking this sort of proactive approach you make claims and losses much less likely. It can also give you a much greater understanding of your business as a whole, how it functions and even open up new ways of working.

We work with a number of trusted partners who are experts within their field so that you can have access to a comprehensive cyber risk management toolkit. This includes high level cyber risk reporting which can be completed on a one off basis or to provide continuing insight and co-ordinated and insightful cyber risk training for your staff which can be carried out through various user friendly online platforms or in person. We can also facilitate a thorough security audit through one of our partners in order fully grasp the risks your organisation faces and then to implement measures and procedures to mitigate these.

Another facet of this is testing the measures you already have in place. This is termed penetration testing and is considered the best way to see how your security would stand up to real world threats. We can also connect you with people who can help you to full understand your data meaning you are able to ensure its security to the highest standard but also use it more effectively within your business. Cyber insurers will look at any additional measures you take to protect your business when deciding the terms they can provide so this sort of action can provide significant savings down the line.

Not every one of these strategies will be right for every business but we can help you to decide which will be most beneficial to your organisation with confident. These different methods not only give you the tools to accurately assess your risk but to control it.

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