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The JMP risk management team can help you together a strategy to suit your requirements and budget. Working in collaboration with our trusted partners we offer a comprehensive risk management service to protect your business.


We also have access to an extensive suite of cyber insurers. We have taken the time to review and understand the different products across the cyber insurance market in order to provide the best service to our clients.

Some of our preferred providers include:

databasix logo

Databasix UK is an award-winning data protection agency based on the Harwell science, technology and innovation business campus. Our vision is to bring people and data protection together, in order to change the way that personal data is collected, understood and used. Working with us, organisations are able to revolutionise their attitude to Data Protection and evidence their accountability to their employees, customers, investors and regulators. Our clients benefit from our portfolio of data protection products and services including:

  • E-Learning GDPR Course
  • Public Data Protection Courses
  • Tailored in-house data protection training
  • GDPR Toolbox: essential data protection accountability tools
  • GDPR Audits
  • Rapid Response service to support clients through data breaches of subject access requests
  • Data Protection management/leadership as a contracted Service to your organisation

We also contribute a wealth of free resources, including our popular monthly webinars and weekly Data Rockstar’s Coffee Podcast, as well as several infographics, such as Preparing for Brexit.


NMU is an award-winning provider of specialty insurance solutions. CyberSafe Insurance provides UK SMEs with a simple, robust solution for cyber liabilities, cybercrime and restorative support.


Operating globally, CYFOR are experts in the protection, investigation and analysis of data. Their ability to combine pro-active and reactive cyber security services and advanced digital forensic techniques gives a leading-edge to their clients. As an organisation, CYFOR provide CREST-certified Pen Testing, vulnerability threat monitoring, cyber security audits, Cyber Essentials (and CE Plus) certification and Digital Forensic Incident Response to data breaches and Ransomware incidents.


Protecting an organisation’s technology investment means reacting fast to a constantly changing landscape.

First, you have to know what’s coming. Make sure you’re covered and prepared for every stage of an incident – before, during, and after. Second, you’ll need to know the right people. Cyber risk isn’t a simple subject, but it’s simple enough to get in touch with the experts. Third, know what you need. From indemnity for 1st and 3rd party losses, across data and regulatory, to extortion, work interruption, fines and penalties.

We’re here to help organisations safeguard their digital technology and celebrate its power.

cyber plus logo

As an industry leading expert in cyber insurance and the cyber threat landscape, we give you complete peace of mind that we can provide you with the solutions and expertise you will need to safeguard your business in the event of a cyber incident.

aviva logo

We’ve been looking after customers for more than 320 years.

Although a lot has changed in three centuries, our job hasn’t: helping you prepare for the unexpected. No one knows what’s around the corner. Sometimes things go wrong. That’s where our cyber insurance comes in. From data breaches to ransomware, our policies – and optional extras – will help protect your livelihood.

cyber maniacs

Cybermaniacs creates cyber secure humans, one laugh at a time. Our unique platform and approach helps everyone at your company build the cyber habits needed to stay cyber safe.

We started with the most important elements for mindset shift, behavior change, and skills development: your team’s hearts and minds. Built from proven scientific principles, modern digital technology, and the secret sauce of creativity and fun, our continual learning approach engages and motivates even the busiest of employees. Secure your company against a range of digital risks including cybercrime, insider threats and regulatory requirements, and build a happier safer team in the process.

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Optimising IT Cyber-Fit package is a comprehensive and cost-effective starting place to find the right answers to your cyber risk management concerns. They are offering an exclusive package to include monitoring, back ups, Cyber Essential Plus Certification, penetration testing and on site consultancy starting at £3,000.

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Tired of constantly hearing of about the risk of cyber attacks without being offered an easy and cost-effective insurance solution? At Pen we would rather help than scare. That’s why we are selling our insurance cover on its strengths: people, process and policy wording.

Unlike most insurers who have an underwriting process with long applications Pen use just a few simple questions. And the questions aren’t difficult. You or your head of IT will be able to answer them easily in 2-3 minutes – test it and see.

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