The Perils of Remote Working

Zoom fail - lawyer appears as cat in virtual meeting

I am not a cat…

When 2021 began in the world of cyber security and beyond we were all suffering Zoom fatigue and doubted whether the video conferencing platform had anything more to give… Then emerged a new hero the internet – the instant classic cat lawyer! A lawyer in Texas attends a virtual hearing with an inappropriate filter and all involved try to navigate the situation with dignity with hilarious results!

But what happens when these faux pas become more sinister? How can this kind of human error and lack of understanding cause more than social media blushes? You don’t have to be a technical expert to get some insights on the intersection of cyber risks and data protection in our recent podcast appearance with our friends at Databasix!

We talk about the impact of remote working on cyber insurance and data protection! Take a listen for a fun chat, some insights and our own brief feline cameo!

If you have just a few minutes to spare search for the Data Rockstars Coffee PodCAST!

Data Rockstar Podcast Banner - photo of hosts and guest.

We explore some of the ways that COVID has impacted the world of data security. Remote working has changed the way we work allowing millions a new flexibility but the rules and expectations of the office still apply.

According to Google 18 million COVID phishing emails are sent each and every day. We discuss some of the scams which have emerged from the pandemic to help you feel confident to catch a phish.

We also explain the reasons why now is the time to prioritise your data security awareness. You need to build a culture of security awareness for your remote workforce; securing your business now and for the future.

Zoom Teams Fail - woman uses potato filter in virtual business meeting

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